Biotechnology Job Outlook | A Career in High Demand [VIDEO]

Are you looking for a career in high demand? If so, the biotechnology job outlook looks promising.

The MPS Biotechnology program prepares students by helping them to, not just deepen their technical expertise, but also to strengthen soft skills such as leadership and communication and project management.

Global challenges in human health, food security, sustainable industrial production and environmental protection continues to fuel the biosciences industry, creating new opportunities within the four primary sub sectors:

  • Agricultural feedstock and chemicals
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and equipment and research
  • Testing and medical laboratories

Is a Biotechnology Job in Demand? Oh yes…

We had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Annica Wayman, Associate Dean and Professor, UMBC, Shady Grove Affairs, College of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, about the job outlook for Biotech professionals.

What is the overall biotechnology job outlook?

The outlook for students graduating with an MPS in Biotechnology is very promising. Importantly, we know that health care costs are increasing at a huge rate. A lot of that is around prescription drugs that are expected to see the fastest annual growth over the next decade. So, there’s a lot of opportunity and need for us to ensure that we have more effective and cost-effective solutions and therapies for the growing number of healthcare needs that we’ll have over the next decade.

A great need for biotechnology experts.

If you’re interested in getting a biotechnology job, you’re in luck. There’s a great need for qualified professionals. For example, cutting-edge technologies like immunotherapy and gene therapy cell therapy have a lot of potential. We’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what they can do in treating cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other life-threatening ailments. There’s still a lot of opportunity in the biotechnology industry. These biotechnology job opportunities are everywhere, whether it’s in existing companies finding new solutions or with entrepreneurs launching out on their own to find new answers.

Maryland’s need for biotechnology.

80% of the U.S. pharma industries are located within a two-hour drive from Maryland. So, there’s a lot of biotechnology companies that are here in MD looking for professionals that have advanced degrees, as well the soft skills needed to be successful.  UMBC’s M.P.S. graduate degree in Biotechnology trains its students to help them excel at interfacing and engaging with a cross-functional team of experts in various areas.

Biotechnology and agriculture

By 2050, agriculture is projected to reach over 9 billion people in the world. Whether we’ll have enough food to actually feed those 9 billion people is uncertain. This is due largely in part to the impacts of climate change. So, when you talk about a biotechnology job in the agriculture space, there’s a lot of impact to be made. Most critically is to continue to develop climate resilient crops and other varieties that will ensure we can feed everyone in the world. This makes the point that there’s a lot of opportunity in the biotechnology industry.

Vast opportunities

Biotechnology job opportunities are vast. The state of Maryland is very supportive, giving biotechnology incentive credits to help grow the biotechnology industry. And so, that results in a lot of opportunity for our M.P.S. Biotechnology students.

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