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Networked technologies integrate into every aspect of society, business, and government. This presents innumerable opportunities for adversaries to disrupt modern society. And UMBC’s Cybersecurity Graduate Programs prepares its students to respond to such disruptions.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at the importance of cyber professionals in the fight against breaches. We also look at the challenge posed to Google’s Quantum Advantage, a new gene editing tool, and a MD fraud scheme uncovered.

U.S. Cybersecurity Firm FireEye Discloses Breach

Reuters reported that FireEye, one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the United States, said on Tuesday that is has been hacked, possibly by a government, leading to the theft of an arsenal of internal hacking tools typically reserved to privately test the cyber defenses of their own clients.

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Google’s Quantum Advantage Challenged

A team in China claims to have made the first definitive demonstration of ‘quantum advantage’ — exploiting the counter-intuitive workings of quantum mechanics to perform computations that would be prohibitively slow on classical computers.

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Gene-Editing Tool

Recently, a gene editing tool, CRISPR, has helped us make great strides forward in the face of two serious blood diseases, Sickle Cell an Beta-Thalassemia. The tool has been able to fix malfunctioning blood cells in a handful of people.

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State Uncovers Unemployment Fraud Scheme

MD Governor, lieutenant governor, members of governor’s cabinet were targeted in an insurance fraud scheme. Social Security numbers and other personal identifiable information were stolen from Hogan and several top administration officials in a scheme to fraudulently collect unemployment insurance.

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