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In today’s Industry News, we explore ways a person can stay on top of their academic and professional game through strategic tools and tips. We also take a look at the world of AI and pseudoscience.

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How to Stay on Top of Things

Those who understand how to keep a finger on the pulse of their projects will accomplish more in an effective manner. Conduct an online search for productivity tools and you’ll find so many that you’ll need a productivity tool to conduct the research. To help, check out these 7 rules for choosing one. Have you tried any and succeeded?

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An A/B Schedule to Keep you on Track

Many of us are struggling to stay focused during these unusual times, especially if we wear multiple hats. Switching from one task to a very different task can deplete your energy and ruin your efficiency. Instead, try grouping similar tasks together and tackling them as a group. Then, when your finished, switch to your next grouping of similar tasks. Worth a shot?

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Lack of Common Sense

When it comes to understanding the nuances of common sense, AI tends to fail. When put to the test recently, the deep learning network, GPT-2 couldn’t grasp a mundane inference about the world. #AI may impress us with its uncanny ability to make sense of complicated data, but it lacks common sense.

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We are What We Think

In the world of pseudoscience, people ardently defend their beliefs to be factual, even if they are proven otherwise. This fascinating article investigates why this phenomenon occurs.

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