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UMBC’s Engineering graduate programs are taught by the region’s top engineers from leading contractors. An engineering degree creates opportunities in a variety of fields.

In today’s industry roundup, we take a look at how 7 famous people have used their engineering backgrounds to get ahead in various professions. We also take a look at Boeing’s Crisis, augmented reality lenses, and solar energy breakthrough.

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Famous People Who Use Engineering Background

This article shares 7 well-known people who have used their engineering background to get ahead in a variety of fields. Engineering principles can be applied to many situations, and having this expertise can offer a professional the edge necessary to make great impacts.

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Boeing’s Engineering Crisis

When Boeing’s 737 MAXs experienced troubles, the public became very aware of some major mistakes they made. This article takes a deep dive into their crisis and where they stand today.

“Boeing has a problem engineering, assembling and delivering aircraft without compromising on schedule, and some would even say without compromising on safety, and that is a direct result of the company’s pressure and commitment to grow earnings and return value to shareholders.” – Dhierin Bechai,

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Contact lens offering a new reality

It’s the stuff that makes up a good science fiction story, augmented reality. It’s about to get very real now that startup Mojo Vision has begun creating a prototype for AR contact lenses.

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Solar energy project earns top IEEE Prize

With a goal to remove energy-access barriers, teams gathered to find solutions to provide 3 billion people living in energy poverty areas access to renewable and sustainable 21st-century technologies.

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