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When it comes to professional development, UMBC encourages its students to constantly improve. In fact, this past week, UMBC graduate students gathered for a new GEARS symposium to hone in on their professional development. In this week’s Industry Roundup, we share several professional development life hacks to help you succeed.

Industry Roundup is brought to you by UMBC’s Division of Professional Studies, offering a broad array of professionally-focused master’s degree and certificate programs that address industry needs while anticipating future opportunities.

Email Hacks to Save You Time

If email has you pulling the hair out of your head most days, tune in to this article. You don’t have to go through your day buried under your inbox pile. Check out these tips to save you time.

The Quest for Perfection

We all want projects to go off without glitches. So, we strive for perfection. But, perfection often carries with it the risk of paralysis by analysis and ultimately the death of a dream.

When to Speak Up

Navigating the office meeting scene can be like a obstacle course at times. We have opinions and want to air them. But, sometimes airing them can derail your attempts at having influence. So, when is the right time to speak up and to hold back?

Is Too Much Work-Life Balance a Thing?

This article takes a look at downfall of trying to place everything you have going on in perfect little boxes. To have balance in one area, another area often suffers. Is there a better way to manage this?

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