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Recently, three UMBC student researchers were awarded Goldwater Scholarships for their research in various areas including neuroscience, genetics, and machine learning bias.

In today’s Industry News, we take a peek into one of these areas, machine learning. We look at the benefits, advances, and implications of relying on machines to empower mankind.

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Good Twitterbots

If you’ve been on Twitter, you’ve likely encountered an annoying spammy Twitterbot. But not all Twitterbots are created equally. Some of these AI-generated bots are actually pretty cool. Which ones? Check out this list.

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The Perfect Space Explorers – AI

As much as scientists enjoy looking at images of the universe to learn more about it, they’re limited in their capacity to go through the overwhelming terabytes of pictures available. So a scientist has trained an AI program to find the most relevant for him.

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How AI is Changing Photography

There was a time when the lens and sensors dictated the quality of a photo. Now that AI is on the scene, one no longer needs to exhibit expert knowledge over a camera’s settings to take a gorgeous photo. AI can turn anyone into a great photographer.

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Putting Data to Feelings

A team of scientists and researchers are using AI to help them compare healthy brains to those with mental health disease. As advances are made, the question becomes – who is better qualified to make a mental health diagnosis? Man or machine?

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