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Recently, UMBC researchers received a Fast Grant to study potential antiviral treatments for COVID-19. Working together on this study, researchers hope to get critical results immediately.

In today’s Industry News, we take a look at how supercomputers are also working towards finding a treatment to pull the world out of the grips of this pandemic. We also look at an important key to understanding COVID-19, a cool fact about the aerodynamic skills of spiders, and some exercises to help get you limber while working from home during these challenging times.

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Super Computers and COVID-19

Scientists are turning to supercomputers for help in the fight against COVID-19. Running simulations with one of the most powerful computers in the world, MOGON II, researchers discovered promising candidates for treatment.

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The Key to Understanding COVID-19

Since the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, the behavior of fluid droplets has remained a mystery. Scientists are studying the flow of physics of respiratory diseases and are hoping the findings will reveal the key to containing COVID-19.

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A Cool Science Fact

Here’s a cool fact – spiders can fly 100 miles using electricity! Even without wings, these spectacular creatures can traverse air. “Spiders have been found two-and-a-half miles up in the air, and 1,000 miles out to sea,” Ed Yong said in this article.

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Tired of Sitting?

It’s no surprise that sitting for long periods of time can have negative effects on our bodies. We’re plagued with everything from poor posture to aches and pains to major stiffness. If you’re tired of all the sitting, try some of these exercises to help limber you up and get the energy flowing again.

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