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UMBC’s I/O Psychology mentorship program helps prepare students for career success. A great mentorship program offers a collaborative, beneficial experience that can vastly improve one’s career. In today’s industry roundup, we take a look at the development of great mentors. We also take a look at new satellite images of Earth, a teen hacker’s discovery, and the unique learning abilities of plants.

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How to Be a Great Mentor

More than 75% of professionals crave a mentor and only 37% have one. And the ones who are in that 37% aren’t happy with the mentor chosen. To be a great mentor requires focusing not just on the career, but on the person as a whole. This article shares tips on being a great mentor.

Incredible Detail of Earth Revealed by Satellite Images

As technology advances, so too will our knowledge of Earth and its fine details. A new constellation of satellites has taken the first ever sub-1 meter resolution photos of our planet and shows significant details. #coolscience

Teen Hacker Uncovers Troubling Breach

Some glaring troubling issues with school software had one teen hacker digging deep to uncover a potential data breach. The teen discovered web bugs in Blackboard’s Community Engagement and Follett’s Student Information System that could’ve potentially put the data of millions of students at risk.

Do Plants Form Memories?

Can plants learn and form memories? Scientists have experimented with plant behavior and conclude that plants have the innate ability to learn from and adapt and react to their environment.

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