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UMBC sits at the forefront of scientific advancements, illustrated poignantly by a team led by UMBC’s Dipanjan Pan and their recent development of an experimental diagnostic test to rapidly detect the novel coronavirus causing COVID-19.

In today’s industry news, we take a look at the history of scientific advancements with the first vaccine. We also delve into concepts of computer versus brain, habits worth keeping, and the fascinating world of bumblebees and their effect on flowering plants.

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The Discovery of the First Vaccine

This article gives us a deep dive into the interesting history of vaccines and how they originated. Was it based on magic or science?

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What’s more powerful – a computer or a brain?

Sure a computer can defeat humans in games, but can they triumph over the human brain when it comes to common sense, conceptualization, and creativity?

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8 Post-COVID Habits Worth Keeping

With restrictions lifting, many are left to ponder their lockdown experiences, and if a healthier reset to their former lives is needed.

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Bumblebees Bring about Blooms

When bumblebees seek pollen during shortages, they often damage the plant leaves. At first read, this may sound terrible. But this damage actually benefits the flower production of plants.

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